Google Penguin 2.1 : Will It Disturb My Current SEO Practices?

The previous Penguin Google algorithm changes shook the world of SEO’s and I knew a lot of guys who suffered massive losses in traffic due to the turn of events.  If you never had an idea of what Google Penguin is I think you should watch this short video below.

This video will enlighten you about Google Penguin algorithm update:

Another update on Penguin had been declared by Matt Cutts last October 4, 2013 on Twitter. It has been said that the change in algorithm waved about 1% of the search. This is just a prick compared to the first releasing of the update but if you have done something awful now I guess you need to consider removing bad links to your site.

My Piece Of Advice

If you need some tips about latest SEO including SEO after the Penguin update, see my post about SEO on post Panda update.

How To Do SEO After The Panda Update

There’s a great benefit in getting back to the basics of SEO but learning the basics is not enough, practicing makes it perfect. Since Google always reward high quality sites then why do you force yourself for immediate ranking on search results? Why not provide good answers to the questions of the people searching about your product?

What You Should Do

Google loves white hat search engine optimizers. If you’re an SEO then what you need to do is produce a very creative content within your website. Properly optimize it. Promote the page by  any means necessary. If you have this all the criteria mentioned then definitely the page will rank. A true link-able content will always speak for itself. If you cannot do this for yourself, outsource SEO Philippines because there are lots of talented SEO consultants in the Philippines who can help you. You can let them do all of this for you. If you have a low budget, there are also SEO consultants who can help you do competitor analysis and  increase the traffic of your website before you start spending any penny or getting any best SEO services.

Right after that you perform link building. A true link builder never gets tired of looking for opportunity to post a good link and doesn’t generate massive crappy backlinks (which is ALWAYS despised by Google). The Panda update is meticulous on backlinks of your website, be sure not to get backlinks from low quality websites.

Post Panda search engine optimization is not only limited to building backlinks. It can also mean building high quality pages and sending social signals to those pages. Social media plays a big role in SEO especially today. If you ever had to run some problems in SEO and you cannot do it all by yourself you can also ask assistance to some affordable digital marketing strategist out there.

Take this piece of advice from Matt Cutts

We want people doing white hat search engine optimization (or even no search engine optimization at all) to be free to focus on creating amazing, compelling web sites.

A Blogger’s Guide to Finding Website Design Instructions Online

Full-time bloggers are always searching for ways to improve their site, not just content-wise. They are aware that visual presentation highly influences the audience to stay and read or close the browser. Blogging as a profession can be tricky because most bloggers rely on site traffic. In order to get more, they need to publish relevant articles and get them into the hands of people. However, they need to enhance their website design so people would not get tired of reading and scrolling. For bloggers who do not have the funds to hire a custom web design specialist to make a premium web design, they take the time to learn the website design technicalities in order to form their very own custom website design.

There are many perks in building your own website design from scratch. Aside from saving you money, you also have the final call on what to add or remove. The process will also enlighten you on what topics to prioritize based on how it is portrayed by the modern web design. For example, you are creating an industrial web design. Then, people would expect reading articles related to the industry, not architecture or fine arts. You can still add these topics to broaden your audience, but never put them on the landing page, or site visitors will get confused.

Finding Website Design Instructions Online

Finding website design instructions is fairly easy to do if bloggers are aware of companies that offer various website templates or themes. Start by visiting Theme Forest or Blogger Themes. Getting the right layout should be done first because it will function as the framework of the blog. Most of the themes available for free or with a minimal charge can be customized up to the last detail. Pick a template that will fulfill your purpose. If you are building an online shop, look for templates that are recommended for a commercial website design. When you do have a business, a business web design template is for you.

The next part would be searching for website design tutorials. You should be able to categorize yourself before getting them. If you have a shallow website design background, you are in the beginner level. When you have built websites in the past, but with limited customization, you can call yourself an advanced user. If you build websites for a living, you are already a master designer. Frankly, master designers do not need to read tutorials, but the technology is constantly evolving; thus, they need to be updated about the latest trends in website design.

Some of the best sites that offer highend web design tutorials are W3Schools, Mashable and Tutsplus. If you do not find what you are looking for a commercial web design or business website design, there are more sites that offer website design tutorials in varying degrees of difficulty. If your blog is hosted by popular companies like WordPress and Blogspot, they also offer specific website design tutorials, often compressed in a video, to maximize the visual appeal of the website. Make sure that you are comfortable in understanding your chosen website design tutorials to avoid delay.